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Welcome to our web site where you can view the fine products we manufacture here at Frontier Suppliers, Inc!

Sliester Bits & Spurs From the menu on the left you may select the Sliester product that interests you most. Build your own shanked bit, snaffle bit, hackamore, or spurs. Or for something more unique design custom silver bits and spurs. We can also accommodate your trophy award needs. If you can imagine it we can build it!
Sliester Bits & Spurs We are proud to be celebrating 50 years of continuous production in the Equine Industry. We are a progressive company that maintains quality as a tradition, and improvement as a continuing goal. Our contact with leading trainers and horsemen has given us a chance to provide what the professionals want -- quality, serviceability and dependability. And being a family owned and operated corporation insures each Sliester product is free of defects and comes with a 100% guarantee.

Each Sliester Bit is custom made, never mass produced, offering a fine feeling of balance. Sliester Bits feature the "SQUARE PIN." This keeps the cheek pieces from turning and pinching the horse's mouth, yet allows all the action required in a loose jawed bit.
Sliester Bits & Spurs The special alloyed metal from which the mouthpieces are made is the result of extensive metallurgical research. This special alloy creates a reaction within the horse's mouth that helps prevent dry mouth, thus reducing fatigue.

By selecting the mouthpiece and cheek piece from our wide variety, you can get the bit that works best for you.

We would like to thank the many customers who have supported us for the past 50 years and to welcome those who are about to see how wonderful our products are.

Sliester -- Quality products you can afford.
Made in the U.S.A. by Horsemen for Horsemen and Women.

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